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What Our Clients are Saying

During these past 11 years, we have experienced excellent and responsive service by this company and have also saved thousands of dollars by switching from a City scavenger company to Case Compactors (Case Industries).   Their unique services include compacting garbage, retrieving items left by residents near the garage garbage room areas and sweeping and cleaning up these areas, and the roadway where items may be strewn.   I highly recommend Case Compactors (Case Industries) for any  compacting needs and I feel confident that any company choosing Case Compactors (Case Industries) will be very pleased and satisfied with their services.


Rita Nicholas, CCAM


"Case Compactors” (Case Industries) has been servicing our property since April of 2004. We are very pleased with their services and they help us save money. Case Compactors (Case Industries) also save us money in helping to keep our property looking clean. This is a job that we don't need to invest our time and effort in. We can focus on our other duties on site.   I recommend Case Compactors (Case Industries) to everyone who is looking to save money and wants an alternative to the regular garbage service".


Alberto Ayala

Maintenance Supervisor EMERALD PARK APARTMENTS

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