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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Case Industries actually do?

Case Industries realizes that each property’s / client’s needs are unique. There is rarely just one solution. Knowing this, Case Industries implements a customized process to maximize the efficiency of a property to ensure that the property is able to realize minimum trash volumes and maximize recycling volumes. By doing this, Case Industries goal is to make all of our properties greener and environmentally friendly.


How often does Case Industries provide their services?

Case Industries field crews service our clients between 3 to 5 days per week.

We also help clients in times of need on an on-call basis.


Does Case Industries replace our existing hauler? 

No, Case Industries is not a hauler but instead works concurrently with the existing hauler to minimize trash volumes in the form of compacting as well as maximizing recycling efforts. This results in an overall cost savings to the client.


How does Case Industries handle hazardous waste issues? 

Government requirements for disposal and recycling of hazardous items are very stringent. Properties that are not in compliance with current regulations will begin receiving financial penalties. In addition, Case Industries believes it is the responsibility of everyone to make more of an effort to take care of the environment.

Does Case Industries require a service contract?

We evaluate each client on a case by case scenario and determine what is best for the client based on a mutual agreement.

What happens if there are service requests / challenges with the hauler? 

Case Industries prefers to be the primary contact with the local haulers in order to manage any and all issues related to the client without interrupting or bothering the property manager. By being the primary contact, Case Industries is able to:

  • Assess the issues at hand with our Team Leader

  • Remove the responsibility from the client so they can focus on more pressing tenant issues


How much does Case Industries charge for its services? 

We perform a thorough assessment of each individual client to determine the property's needs. In most cases, Case Industries provides its services without adding any additional cost to the property. This means that the cost of the hauler as well as Case Industries will be less than what the property is currently paying. Please contact us regarding our Extended Services plan for more information.

How do we obtain service from Case Industries? 

Contact Us and we will lead you through our easy implementation process.


How do I learn more and/or request a proposal from Case Industries? 

Email us at or call us at (510) 782-9000 and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

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